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Services Available for Clients
Every divorce is unique. Whether you are dealing with divorce or simply contemplating how a divorce would affect you financially, you need an expert to guide you. The key to a successful financial future is understand the financial ramifications of all division of assets, liabilities, income and expenses.
Client Services:
  • Financial Education
  • Budget Preparation
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Net Worth Statements and Projections
  • Asset Disclosure Statement (Financial Affidavit) Preparation
  • Pension/401K Valuation
  • Settlement Analysis
  • Expert Testimony (Deposition and Trial)
Services Available for Attorneys or Mediators
As a member of the "divorce team" WNY Divorce Financial Advisors allows you to stay in control of the case and focus on the legal aspect of divorce. There are several roles we can play to support you and your client. We help clients come to terms with their financial situation and develop realistic expectations.
We can provide:
  • Financial Education
  • Examination of Projected Needs (budget forecasting and immediate cash flow needs)
  • Net Worth Statement Preparation
  • Review and Analyze Corporate Benefits, Retirement Plans and Deferred Compensation
  • Litigation Support/Expert Testimony
  • Lifestyle Analysis

WNY Divorce Financial Advisors

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Gina Phillips is NOT an attorney or CPA and does not provide legal or tax advice. Changes in tax laws may occur at any time and could have substantial impact upon each person’s situation. You should discuss tax or legal matters with the appropriate professional.